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  • snail wall picture tutorial

    Cutting paper, Painting  |  0 Commentsnail wall picture tutorial

    Materials and tools: 1. photocopy of the picture 2. Isolation - penofol desired thickness (available at building materials) 3. putty (eg Fugenfyuller, but you can simple alabaster) 4. a piece of gypsum fiber (or GCR) as a basis 5. spatula 6. Carving Knife Everything is ready? Then proceed. Cooked otkserenny drawing the future of the bas-relief put on the penofol and secure with tape so that it does not shift during operation. Vyrezhte cutter penofol the contour drawing. The result was a stencil for the bas-relief. Put the stencil on a piece of gypsum fiber board (or plasterboard). In important