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  • Simple knitting booties

    Baby, booties, Knitting, Needle crafts  |  0 Commentsimple knitting booties

    podbrobny master class with lots of photos.   Model: "Knitting for children. Spokes", № 6 / 2008, p. 3. Approximate time to perform one booties: 2 hours. Level of difficulty: Easy. Used loops and techniques: facial loop purl loop gain of broaches, yo, a set of loops on the edge, closing the loop seam. Patterns: gum 2x2, garter, facial harmony. Materials: about 30 grams fine wool yarn, about 1 m narrow satin ribbon, straight spokes № 2,5, the auxiliary arm № 2,5, blunt needle with large eye, scissors, hook. Recommendations on yarn and needles: I do not