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  • Crafts for summer: Sewing Shorts for kids

    Sewing  |  0 Commentcrafts for summer: sewing shorts for kids

    And they're gonna save on the clothing budget as well, since you only need about 1/2 yard of fabric! Adjusting the pattern from pants to shorts is easy to do. First print off the Basic Pants pattern found HERE. * You'll automatically be prompted to open the 6-page pdf in Preview * Save and/or print the doc to your home printer * Make sure you print in LANDSCAPE! We'll be using the "flat front" portion of the pattern and using the Flat Front Pants tutorial to sew the shorts. You'll need about 1/2 yard of fabric, 1-inch

  • Knitwear

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  • Would you like to sew a skirt, pants, but do not know how to use pattern?

    Needle crafts, Sewing  |  0 Commentwould you like to sew a skirt, pants, but do not know how to use pattern?

    Today I would like to talk about one, a remarkable variety of skirts. This skirt has all the qualities typical of the skirt at all - freedom of movement, feminine silhouette, comfortable fit. But at the same time, lets not worry, even with a small length, about how not to accidentally flash those parts of clothes, which are not supposed to shine:) You certainly have guessed that today we will focus on the skirt-pants! Just below you will find a pattern and learn how it is constructed. Pattern skirts. So, without delay, proceed to the construction