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Keywords: Shade with butterflies

  • Lamp work: Shade with butterflies.

    Cutting paper, Green crafts, Home and garden, Home decor, Other crafts, Paper crafts, Repair work  |  0 Commentlamp work: shade with butterflies.

    You will need: pink Japanese paper, double-sided adhesive tape, butterflies of various sizes, scissors, hole punch, glue, silver powder to decorate the butterflies. 1. Measure the upper and lower rims of the lamp. 2. Cut out the Japanese paper lamp shade base leaving a few cm to bond. 3.Po the bottom of the compass draw semi-circles. Cut the unnecessary parts and punch holes in the middle of a doing. 4.Skrepit lampshade with bilateral adhesive tape. 5. Draw or print out the butterflies. Decorate them with silver powder and stick to