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  • POSH sew blouse! Quick and easy! Handle even the novice seamstress

    Needle crafts, Sewing  |  0 Commentposh sew blouse! quick and easy! handle even the novice seamstress

    What a magnificent shirt! Sew a blouse not be difficult, even for novice seamstress.Blouse recommended sewing of knitted fabrics. Build a pattern-based blouses are not necessarily enough to know the basic measurements. How to model and sew blouse: Build a pattern for knitted blouses that do not have to. However, if the pattern dress or blouse you have a basis we can take back blouse. Building a pattern blouse: Vertical line to defer the AT - the length of the back-to-measure minus 2 cm, and then defer TN - 20 cm The right to hold the top horizontal