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  • world of beautiful windows

    Needle crafts, Sewing  |  0 Commentworld of beautiful windows

    Beautiful curtains   On paper, draw a desired shape of the gang. In this case, drawing a complex and is targeted for experienced seamstresses. For beginners, you can choose the form of Bando simpler. Cut pattern (pattern) of paper Expand the pattern and move the contour of the figure the gang-pros (dublerin) Figure Bando suffered a gang-pros (dublerin) Cut the pattern (pattern) by drawing a line in the joint tissues Sweep the bottom of the Bando must be secured to tissue by means of pins. Cut out, leaving allowances. Bottom fabric is not cut. Sweep the top of the Bando is also

  • Sewing curtain: The principle of making the hard lambrequin (band)

    Needle crafts, Sewing  |  0 Commentsewing curtain: the principle of making the hard lambrequin (band)

    Traditional pelmet is done on a rigid foundation and is a strip of cloth, mounted on a special shelf above the window. Such a pelmet hides the ledge and the upper part of curtains, in addition, adds an extra decorative aktsent.S lambrequin means you can change the proportions of the window: it will seem to have been higher if pelmet over the window lift, wide pelmet visually enlarge the window. For lambrequin can use fabric curtains or choose a fabric with a contrasting pattern that will complement the color gamut komnaty.Lambreken may