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Keywords: Sew roman shades

  • Sew roman shades

    Needle crafts, Sewing  |  0 Commentsew roman shades

    Obmerte window to find out the size of curtains, and add to 10 cm in length and width for SEAM. Lining fabric cut out for length and width of curtains in complete form, plus 6 cm on each kulisku length curtains. Nylon cord is four lengths plus two widths. You'll need for blinds: Dense curtain fabrics Lining fabric Pencil Protractor for stitched quilts (optional) With Velcro tape Wooden round pins with a diameter of 7 mm Batten section of 3 mm x 2,5 cm Small plastic rings (2 per kulisku, they will prodernut cord for lifting curtains) Nylon cord Set