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  • Beaded Peach blossom: bonsai seed beads

    Newyear's Eve, Other  |  0 Commentbeaded peach blossom: bonsai seed beads

    To create this tree I used : - Wire color (for weaving leaves and tsetochkov) and semi-rigid (the base of the tree); - Bugle green; - Pink and red beads; - Glue; - Thread; - Gypsum; - Paint; - Vase. Making of the bugle, the French way of weaving the leaves (two rows) ... ... and flowers (two terms), first round - out of 5 beads, ... ... and stamens of 5-6 beads, twisted pootdelnosti one piece of a wire. So we've got a mountain of leaflets, and ... ... In my case, 15 flowers. Now form the branches, what we need: I have every