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  • Scheme bead necklace tutorial

    Beading and knotting, Jewelry making  |  0 Commentscheme bead necklace tutorial

    Necklace made ​​of jasper Master class from Valentina Telpiz Materials used: Japanese seed beads Toho 11 / 0 size transparent glossy # 106 in 1910, the rainbow transparent # 169 - 1910, matte metallic # 85F - 1910, opaque # 51 - 1910, Japanese seed beads Miyuki Drops DP- 170 - 1910, a set of stone jasper, Czech glass beads, glass beads with effect krekelyur, metallofurnitura (Togla for necklaces, silver-plated chain, pins with a loop). First I paint on thick paper form our future jewelry, cut it and redraws a basis for the

  • Scheme Bracelet

    Jewelry making  |  0 Commentscheme bracelet

    Bracelet "Blue Snake" Master Alla Kolkotova Unusual bracelet can be woven on a proposed master-class. Netting is obtained voluminous interesting. The author is a master class Alla Kolkotova . Instructions: 1. We collect three beads 2. Then we begin to weave a loop, dial 8 beads 3. Then we collect all 4, I made them a different color so as not to unnecessarily confusing to them, we shall return 4. Then recruit 8 more beads 5. And closes the loop in the ring after 3 bead bottom 6. Then we do a similar ring on the other hand 7. Here is a