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  • Sandwich cake

    Cake, Cooking, Recipes  |  0 Commentsandwich cake

      Sandwich cake Category: Appetizers / Fish and Seafood Preparation time: Servings: 6 Tags: home Ingredients 1 buhanochka bread 200 g butter 1 jar of red caviar Smoked salmon 50g 100 grams of cutting trout 3 sprigs of dill Method of preparation Oil should be soft. To do this in advance we'll get him out of the fridge. Fine-fine shall cut pink, mix it with 50 g of oil. Chop the dill and shall cut too mix it with 50 g of oil. Cut bread slices. Need an even number. Tins pirozhenok cut the desired figure. Lubricates hlebushek butter pink salmon on top another piece