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  • Wall dough picture tutorial

    Other crafts  |  0 Commentwall dough picture tutorial

    Today I want to show how I'm doing plaster casting plant by means of plasticine.   For this method suitable plants with a solid relief stem, convex leaves and inflorescences. Not turned off casts tonkolistnyh flowers, plants with watery stems. We need the following materials: gypsum or alabaster, sculptured clay, rolling pin, tape, tweezers, a piece of wire and fresh plants. I use plasticine skulptrny soft, flesh-colored. There is a solid grade, but promyat it will be a whole problem. Since the day when I did this MK was cold weather, even the

  • Fish from salted dough

    Clay  |  0 Commentfish from salted dough

    3. beginning. pancake 4. two fingers, you can turn, I made two since fotkala), do a ponytail and finlets 5. like this, then We correct irregularities 6. doing the opposite end of the mouth brushes I have different fish to be one of the two MC turned out) from other fish sausage roll and glue onto the base dampen 7. 8. line of an edge do a ponytail and finlets 9. Eyes 10. 11. pupils back of the brush This fish wants to be painted, so with her until all postponed and decoration, I will show to the other fish 12. cap on the pen is forced such