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  • Many recipes for salads with chicken

    Cake, Recipes  |  0 Commentmany recipes for salads with chicken

    Chicken salad with pineapple Bank of canned pineapple cut into cubes, boiled chicken between 2 large chicken legs, diced 200 grams of cheese is rubbed on a grater, 3 cloves garlic masher, all mixed up and dressed with mayonnaise. _________________________________________________________________________ Salad with smoked chicken smoked chicken (breast or leg) - 1 piece. Boiled potatoes - 2 piece. onion - 1 / 2 onion; carrots (cooked) - 1 piece. egg - 1 piece. parsley - 1 small bunch (30g); canned peas - 5-7 tablespoons; mayonnaise, salt - to taste Carrots, potatoes, wash, cover with cold water,