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  • Beautiful Children’s room

    Home and garden, Home decor  |  0 Commentbeautiful children’s room


  • Flower Candle tutorial

    Candle, Other crafts  |  0 Commentflower candle tutorial

    Materials: utensils to melt the wax; paraffin; crayons to color wax; wick; cutter for the pot (I took a disposable cup); knitting needles; stationery knife; plate; tablespoon. Pot: Fill in the form of paraffin. I wanted to make a pot of striped, so I'll fill it in several layers, allowing the previous layer to cool slightly. If the next layer of fill almost immediately, you can get a nice gradient. When the wax is completely cool, take it out of shape. Cut in the center of the groove. Leaflets: Pour into a plate of a thin layer of wax, give cool. Paraffin must be good warm, but frozen. Getting


    Home and garden  |  0 Commentnatural light from room

    Things you'll need: access to the fuse box for the socket you're working in so you can shut off the power when you fiddle. The light switch alone is not enough. 220 or 120 volts is nothing to mess with. jars with lids that screw tight energy saver bulbs that will fit inside said jars awl wire cutter electrician's screwdriver electrician's cable cutters/splicers raw cable bulb connectors* ceiling hook cable hook thingies* electrical connector pieces* decorative casing(s) for the ceiling * I barely remember what these were in German, let alone know what they are in English, so you'll have to look at the pictures