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  • ribbons poppies for accessories

    Bead embroidery, Embroidery, Making flower, Needle crafts, Sewing  |  0 Commentribbons poppies for accessories

    1. We transfer pattern on the fabric and the bead center of the central flower. Beads can be replaced with French knots. 2. From the interval of red tape, width 25 cm, form a central flower. Sew along the line of cut both edges of tape, a series of small stitches stitches stitches "needle forward" along the tape. Tightens the thread, and prisobiraem tape. Sew prisobrennuyu tape around the middle of the bead center of the flower. After that, concealed stitches sew the flower on the outside edge. With the wrong side embroidery looks as the last photo. 3. Lateral

  • Postcard embroidered ribbons tutorial

    Embroidery  |  0 Commentpostcard embroidered ribbons tutorial

    Now with the seamy side of the sheet outline the first centers of our roses. We must remember that sketch on the back side make a mirror image. Then, around each point mentally draw a circle and divide into 5 equal parts. And note the 5 points around the center. Take the needle and the gypsy breaks in these 6-point hole. I did it on a piece of dense cardboard. We take ordinary sewing needle and thread (regular, floss, toffee - it does not matter): the color should ideally match the