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  • Mosaic pattern of toast Laura Headland. Unusual Mona Lisa reproduction. Video.

    Other crafts  |  0 Commentmosaic pattern of toast laura headland. unusual mona lisa reproduction. video.

    Englishwoman Laura Headland (Laura Hadland) spent 600 loaves of bread, cut them by nearly 10,000 pieces. Toast, fried to a different degree of readiness and were raw materials for large mosaic pattern depicting the birthday girl. Here's a gift for the fiftieth anniversary. The original, got the Guinness World Records and adjacent to a mystical portrait of the Mona Lisa. In the 6 hours are 40 volunteers and 9 toasters. Tile size - 10 x 12 meters. Unusual portrait, of course, got into the Guinness Book. That just do not talk about the "Gioconda" which just magical properties are not