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  • Four-leaf clover shirt for baby: tutorial

    Making flower, Repair work, Sewing  |  0 Commentfour-leaf clover shirt for baby: tutorial

    Supplies Needed Plain T-Shirt Variety of Green Fabrics 2 Small Heart Templates {We used 1 1/4" Hearts, and 2" Hearts} Pen, Fabric Scissors, Iron Wonder Under or other Fusible tape Green Thread {Find a color that blends with your fabrics} Containers for each size of fabric heart {to keep things organized}   Step 1: Trace, then cut out your hearts using your templates.  For two shirts, we cut out 4 of each fabric (10 or so different fabrics) and had leftovers.   Step 2: Cut out a pile of tiny squares of fusible tape. Step 3: Heat up your iron, with the steam