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  • Craft lessons: Transform t-shirt

    Green crafts, Needle crafts, Repair work, Sewing  |  0 Commentcraft lessons: transform t-shirt


  • Recycle ideas: flowers denim for sandal

    Fashion, Green crafts, Needle crafts, Other crafts, Recycle, Sewing  |  0 Commentrecycle ideas: flowers denim for sandal

    How much am I for the life of jeans wear and threw! But you could at least show a little bit of fantasy, well, put your hands, naturally .... That's like making lyna   Flower first 2. For flower jeans take ordinary piece of denim, I was a segment of shortening jeans)) on it draw the required diameter circles, the first major, the next two a little less.   3. Do not be surprised that so many photo blanks, I had four of the flower, so I decided they all draw blanks sfotografirovat.Na "birdies" (soap). 4. leaves

  • Ways to change your lam

    Green crafts, Repair work  |  0 Commentways to change your lam

    Lamp Shades handmade

  • Making new sandals with fabric

    Green crafts, Repair work  |  0 Commentmaking new sandals with fabric

      For the work you need to slap a pair of (old, with a torn shoulder straps or hand made ​​), an awl, the pieces slightly elastic fabric color you want, scissors, glue and a little time.     Carefully cut the straps from the old slap. Measure and cut long and thin strip of fabric long enough so that you can wrap it around the ankle a few (or once). And thread the cord tissue in the remaining holes on the straps flap. Tie knots at the bottom (try to make them as tight and flat, otherwise

  • Painting stool tutorial

    Green crafts, Other crafts, Painting, Repair work  |  1 Commentpainting stool tutorial

    Once upon a time was, therefore, a wooden bench. She served by appointment, was so pale and inconspicuous. To me it has got to have more or less usable form - white. And I began to think about how this would be a bench zadekorirovat, so give it some kind of funny, so she has healed a new life. Materials and tools: - Red acrylic paint - Brush - 2-step lacquer Crazing - Sponge cloth - Ribbon This shop is meant little girl. Above the colors I do not even conceived as something all by itself will come up. 1. To begin, I

  • How to make leather for shoes decorations

    Fashion, Green crafts, Other crafts, Repair work  |  0 Commenthow to make leather for shoes decorations

    Gathered at a rock party or for student gatherings? No suitable footwear to the image?Do not despair - our master class tell as 30 minutes to make ornaments for leather shoes.   You will need: length leather (leatherette or dermantina) of any color, size 20 * 30 cm, scissors, ruler, pencil, all-purpose adhesive (make sure to read any materials used for adhesives, should be written in and about the skin and of leather), jewelery buckle steel color, thread, needle. On the segment of skin Now, mark with pencil and ruler. Divide the plane

  • Recycling work: Decorating with mosaics from the CD-ROM drive

    Green crafts, Home and garden, Recycle, Repair work  |  0 Commentrecycling work: decorating with mosaics from the cd-rom drive

    We all have a lot of old discs that no longer can be carriers of information. They are or have become unnecessary, or rubbed off (in time), or just simply are already flying into the trash. Do not rush! About Second Life CD-ROM drive says a lot, but we also have the idea of ​​second life drives - we'll make a mosaic!   The first thing we need - it drives in sufficient quantity (approximately 50 pieces). We do not need a mirror surface, so it must be removed with sandpaper (nulevka). Damp

  • Before and after: Cut-out lace as decorative elements

    Green crafts, Needle crafts, Repair work, Sewing  |  0 Commentbefore and after: cut-out lace as decorative elements

    This device is very simple to implement, but requires painstaking and careful approach in the case, as with the dress Kate, where we have used small lace, and a field filled with them, great. To fill this need many hours of work and the truth jewelry. So let's see how it is possible to perform such a finish. To date, the lining of the laces, usually glued sided adhesive (glue spider), and only if the edges of the product, which usually comes from the band cut lace (lace edge) being slightly glued at

  • Convert old shirt into fashion shirt

    Green crafts, Needle crafts, Repair work, Sewing  |  0 Commentconvert old shirt into fashion shirt

      Now fold the two flowers together and prisoberite with thread and needle through the fold.     But the decoration of flowers on the shirt bigger.