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  • Sewing leaves for T-shirt tutorial

    Green crafts, Needle crafts, Repair work, Sewing  |  0 Commentsewing leaves for t-shirt tutorial

    The two most common knit shirts, you can use applications to transform into one, but a unique and unusual.   We need: 2 shirts (one long sleeve and one short, preferably of different colors, but suitable to each other). Paper. Domestos. Chalk or markers. Sewing machine. Scissors, needle, thread. Of paper cut stencil future picture. T-shirt (top) is expanded on a horizontal surface. Put the stencil, and chalk drawing denote (if you do not have chalk can take the felt-tip pen). Cut the petals marked in the figure. The edges of the petals process Domestos (ie lighten). Must Put a thick layer

  • Decorating T-shirts tutorial

    Needle crafts  |  1 Commentdecorating t-shirts tutorial

    Our regular column decorating T-shirts and the next incarnation. This option can also be regarded as an ordinary decoration, as well as they can hide any imperfections and T-shirt (stains, holes).   We need: T-shirt similar color to the main. Scissors. Sewing machine. From T-shirts cut off front and sleeves. Decompose on a horizontal surface, cut into strips 4 cm wide Gate basic T-shirts are increasing, making his cape. Cut off the strip free from seams, make a wavy edge on one side. Stitches on the sewing machine, make ruffles. Now sew a basic shirt collar. Next, sew shuttlecocks herringbone. And also

  • Decorating T-shirts laced tutorial

    Green crafts, Needle crafts, Repair work, Sewing  |  0 Commentdecorating t-shirts laced tutorial

    Here are adopting the idea of ​​this we decided to modify the existing one we have the usual t-shirt.   Embroidery can be placed both on the collar, sleeves and sides, and just at the top of the product. Decompose T-shirt on a flat surface. Round napkin with openwork fringe cut in half in diameter. And sew on the left side of the gate and right side, bottom of the shirt (ie, which was under the napkin, neatly cut off). T-shirt decorated with a tissue ready!  

  • Repair clothing: How nice to break T-shirt

    Green crafts, Repair work  |  0 Commentrepair clothing: how nice to break t-shirt

    we tell about the creation of a torn T-shirts. It can be both an independent item of clothing, and in addition to ripped jeans. As well as a decoration T-shirts can eliminate deficiencies (if any T-shirt).   Lay the shirt on the horizontal surface of a T-shirt (preferably from the inside) and cut with scissors into strips of t-shirts, which brought together so zadekorirovat. Cut strips of 1-1,5 cm, not less, but preferably not more. Next, take (at the largest width) of the first cut off the strip, hook for her

  • How To Make A Skeleton T-Shirt

    Green crafts, Needle crafts, Repair work, Sewing  |  0 Commenthow to make a skeleton t-shirt

    Hey everyone! Today I have a T-shirt reconstruction for you that requires very little sewing. The end result will turn the back of your shirt into a skeletal spine and rib cage: What you'll need: T-shirt Scissors Pins Pencil or chalk Ruler or tape measure Needle and thread/sewing machine ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Lay your T-shirt flat. Make sure it's right side out with the front facing down. Leaving about a 2-inch space down the shirt's middle, measure out two columns of lines about an inch apart. Make as many lines as you'd like, but make sure there's an even number of them. I

  • Convert old shirt into fashion shirt

    Green crafts, Needle crafts, Repair work, Sewing  |  0 Commentconvert old shirt into fashion shirt

      Now fold the two flowers together and prisoberite with thread and needle through the fold.     But the decoration of flowers on the shirt bigger.