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  • Crafts for summer: Summer Flower Tee Tutorial!

    Needle crafts  |  0 Commentcrafts for summer: summer flower tee tutorial!

    So! Let's make one! Start with a plain tee, two 33"x3" strips of knit fabric, one 9"x2" strip of knit, and seed beads or sequins. 1. Gather the first 33" strip to a 15" length and sew the ends together to make a circle. Pin to the middle of your shirt and sew around the gathered edge. Repeat for second strip, gathering to a 10" length, and 3" length for last strip. 2. Cut a 1/2" knit strip to the length of your shirt, pin and sew on with a wide zigzag stitch. 3.

  • Recycling ideas: Ruffle Waist Skirt tutorial

    Green crafts, Recycle, Sewing  |  0 Commentrecycling ideas: ruffle waist skirt tutorial

    I'm a little self-concious about the fact that I'm doing another skirt. How many skirts have I made?? Goodness! But I've always wanted to try the paper bag waist skirt, and as long as I'm making it, I may as well share it with my dear friends, right? So, this is pretty easy in concept. Shorten a long skirt and use the excess fabric to make a ruffle and a sash! See? That is probably all the instructions many of you will need. I started with this vintage polka-dotted skirt that I've had for a

  • Video tutorial: Refashion

    Green crafts, Needle crafts, Other crafts, Repair work, Sewing, Video  |  0 Commentvideo tutorial: refashion

    How to make jeans skninny How to distress and cut up jeans How to cut a T-shirt