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  • Basket made of newspaper: tutorial

    Recycle  |  1 Commentbasket made of newspaper: tutorial

    Husband and daughters very much, WHAT I am glad beyond measure! " Materials A box of a shoe. Shilo. Journals old. PVA glue. Brush. Vodoemelesionka. Napkins. Acrylic lacquer. Method of manufacture Took the bottom of the box from under  awl hole. Screw the tubules of the magazines. Inserted a tube into the hole and braided box from a shoe, spying on the Internet. Painted the entire basket vodoemelesionkoy, stuck on the motives of the wipes, Rosochka on PVA glue. Varnished acrylic. Hardship badly two nights only twisted tube, and then weaving, the top would braid weave, did not work, something like a huge zakrepila.Spasibo Lenochka from