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Keywords: recycling CDs

  • embroidery CDs ideas

    Embroidery, Recycle  |  0 Commentembroidery cds ideas

    Embroidery on CD I would like to add that this art is not new, there is an incredibly interesting work, and artists engaged in precisely this kind of creativity. And originally used as a base board, and izonit on the discs - just cute and fun touch to an old art. + Interesting option for disposing of "waste "....Indeed, soon after all the New Year! And the dominance of discs each, and just throw it away - sorry ..... So let's have a masterpiece! Want to try it themselves? Here's the scheme:) Holes

  • recycling of CDs: embroidery CDs

    Embroidery, Recycle  |  0 Commentrecycling of cds: embroidery cds

    There are several other names thread schedules. As the base, you can still use velvet (velvet paper) or heavy paper. Threads can be ordinary sewing thread, wool, floss, or other. You can also use colored silk threads. So I decided to try their skills in this kind of needlework. It turns out it's really not hard, but wildly entertaining. For work you'll need: * A solid foundation - the CD * Scissors * Needle * The threads of different colors * Ruler * Compass On paper, draw a sketch of the disk and causes a pencil point to create