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Keywords: Recycling bottles for art

  • Painted bottles tutorial

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      You will need: 1.Butylka, preferably in color 2.Vitrazhnye colors: white, purple, yellow, red, green 3.Kontur glass: gold or bronze 4.Plastikovaya dish (disposable) 5.Folga 6.Atseton 7.Spichki, wire, brush, cotton swabs, needles, cotton pads (some stuff), paper towels, gel pen.   DO NOT NEED: 1.Gubka 2.Zolotaya structural paste Getting Started ....   1.Nanesenie figure. Who is the least familiar with the technique of painting on glass, he knows the basic principle: the glass on the picture-loop circle-pour paint-wait until dry up - fix (or conscience will allow). And if with a vase or a lamp, this option is the easiest, then with a bottle of this trick

  • Recycling bottles for art

    Green crafts, Recycle  |  0 Commentrecycling bottles for art

    Decor bottles from Li Shi (Lydia Shipitsina) collar manufacturing "Cushion tunic" on Yandeks.Fotkah