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  • Rectangular slippers spokes

    Booties, booties, Crochet, Knitting, Needle crafts  |  0 Commentrectangular slippers spokes

    Helen Gotlib Knit garter on two needles, then the underside of the sewn slipper size is determined by the length of suture on the soles. I have a green rectangle has dimensions 35h10 cm (without tying a hook). Must necessarily take into account the composition and thickness of the yarn - the more wool in its composition, the more plastic yarn. A garter stretches more in width than in height. I used yarn YarnArt "Crazy Color" (35% wool, 65% acrylic, 260 m to 100 g). Green sneakers turned 36-38 size.

  • Easter twist made of newspaper

    Easter's day, Recycle  |  1 Commenteaster twist made of newspaper

    2. So let's begin. We need the newspaper, glue, needle, scissors and a desire to learn to weave 3. paper cut into 4 strips, these strips will twist our tubes. 4. here at such an angle starting to twist the tube, then they are obtained by long and thin. 5. the tip of the tube glue 6. Our tubes are ready, begin to weave 7. I begin this basket weave that's way 4-4x3-3, it will be our basis (the more tubes you will be at the base, the more in diameter, you'll get our braid. In the first photo of 5-5x6-6) 8. Now

  • Newspaper Recycling – Weaving a square (rectangular) boxes

    Recycle  |  0 Commentnewspaper recycling – weaving a square (rectangular) boxes

    I'll try to put photos, as I do the box from A to Z. All this I found in the vast of the Internet.Where exactly, I can not list, both here and in manual work, and the Czech and Polish sites. (All thanks a lot!) Somewhere, as do the bottom, where some bumpers, weaving, cap. My only point-18-two ducts at the corners (not yet met in the internet, or have not noticed, were doing at the corners of one tube), but do not claim authorship, may still find a similar,