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  • Food gifts: Food decor and recipes

    Cooking, Recipes  |  0 Commentfood gifts: food decor and recipes

    Calla Salad Ingredients for salad Callas: 1 can of pineapple (100g), boiled chicken fillet - 100g, roasted mushrooms and onions - 100g, boiled eggs - 3 - 4 pieces, cheese - 100g, salt and mayonnaise - in taste.  

  • Many recipes for salads with chicken

    Cake, Recipes  |  0 Commentmany recipes for salads with chicken

    Chicken salad with pineapple Bank of canned pineapple cut into cubes, boiled chicken between 2 large chicken legs, diced 200 grams of cheese is rubbed on a grater, 3 cloves garlic masher, all mixed up and dressed with mayonnaise. _________________________________________________________________________ Salad with smoked chicken smoked chicken (breast or leg) - 1 piece. Boiled potatoes - 2 piece. onion - 1 / 2 onion; carrots (cooked) - 1 piece. egg - 1 piece. parsley - 1 small bunch (30g); canned peas - 5-7 tablespoons; mayonnaise, salt - to taste Carrots, potatoes, wash, cover with cold water,

  • Cold Porcelain (Cold porcelain) – examples, recipes and videos

    Clay, Other crafts, Video  |  0 Commentcold porcelain (cold porcelain) – examples, recipes and videos

    Do you think these flowers - true? Certainly not! This is - cold porcelain or Cold porcelain. Personally I have a breathtaking beauty! Recipe from Oli-jeani Recipe china: 1 cup of PVA 1 cup starch 2 tablespoons Glycerol 1 tbsp. l. cream (I use baby cream) I do so: first, pour into a bowl of glue, put on medium heat on the stove, then immediately add the cream, stirring rapidly, add the glycerin, again stirring, and then little by little continuously stirring rolling in starch, vymeshivayut well and very quickly the mass thickens , formed a lump,

  • Fortune Cookies

    Cake, Recipes  |  0 Commentfortune cookies

      Composition 4 eggs powdered sugar - 80 g melted and cooled butter - 50 g flour - 80 g vanilla sugar - 1 / 2 tsp Preparation Beat eggs with sugar and vanilla sugar, add butter and flour, beat until smooth. The dough will turn out, like thick cream. Baking grease. On it lay dessertspoon 2-3 (to start the work out, you need to adapt himself!) Portion of the test. Dough will be spread like a pancake, so lay out a distance from each other. Bake until the edges "pancakes" lightly browned. Spatula remove cookie (one!), Place the center