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  • New recipes of the best salads.

    Cooking, Recipes  |  0 Commentnew recipes of the best salads.

    New Year is around the corner and I think every woman wants to cook something unusual. Propose several kinds of salads, which I consider myself to one of the most delicious and prazdniechnyh for the New Year holiday! Tuna Salad - 1 jar of pickles. Tuna - 250 gr. boiled potatoes - 2 boiled eggs - To grow. oil - 2 tsp. lemon juice - 4 tomatoes - 8 black olives - Green onions, mint and parsley. Potatoes cut into small slices, chop the tuna and eggs. Prepare the sauce by mixing the liquid from the tuna grows. oil

  • Homemade rolls.

    Cooking, Recipes  |  0 Commenthomemade rolls.

    Homemade rolls. At the request of many of my bees, I write a post with a detailed recipe for making rolls. I myself was preparing rolls for the first time, but hundreds of times to observe the process, she worked as a cashier in the "Japs." My jobs are just a sushi bar. Never prepared this dish, I already knew many of the nuances of the process. So, tell! Products. Fig . I took a special rice for sushi. Normal kruglozerny rice should not be used because it fall apart and turns into

  • Recipe – Cake “Barbie Doll”

    Cake, Recipes  |  0 Commentrecipe – cake “barbie doll”

    Ingredients for a recipe cake Barbie Doll " Sugar - 200-300 grams Honey - four tablespoons butter - 6 tablespoons soda - two teaspoons lemon juice - one tablespoon flour - 3 cups Strawberry - 400 grams powdered sugar - 300 grams cream - 3 cups sour cream - 400-500 grams marshmallows - 1 pack Pink food coloring - to taste Method of cooking recipe cake Barbie Doll " First, prepare a doll. Doll hair to braid the hair and wrap them in plastic wrap, so they do not interfere. Then wrap the body of cling film to chance it does not scratch or cut, while cutting the

  • TOMATOES, CANNED half. Very tasty!

    Recipes  |  0 Commenttomatoes, canned half. very tasty!

      NEED FOR 10 LITRE CANS: • Tomatoes - 5-6 kg • Onions (preferably purple) - 10 pcs. • sweet Bulgarian pepper - 4-5 pc. • Garlic - 20 cloves • Leaves horseradish - 10 pcs. • Umbrellas dill - 10 pcs. • Carrots - 3-4 pieces. • Citric Acid Brine (10 cans about 6 liters of brine, it is better to do a bit more). 1 liter of water: 70 sugar, 50 grams of salt. COOKING: 1. Liter cans good wash. 2. Tomatoes, peppers, radish leaves, dill good wash. Garlic, onions, carrots cleaned. 3. Carrots cut into florets, or sliced ​​thin. 4. Pepper cut

  • Recipe: Filler Eggs

    Cake, Easter's day, Holiday & seasonal crafts, Recipes  |  0 Commentrecipe: filler eggs

    Ingredients: Per 10 servings Salted meat broth - 2 tbsp. Gelatin - 20 oz. Bulgarian pepper - 1 pc. Corn, canned - 50 oz. Ham - 300 gr. Dill Preparation: Eggs carefully we shall wash up, make a hole with a dull hand, Spill content promoem inside and dry. At this time, soak the gelatin in 10 minutes. Then podogreem it until completely dissolved, mix with the broth and strain. Now, we shall cut small cubes ham and pepper. Packed layers of corn, ham, peppers, fill with a mixture of broth and remove the gelatin

  • Bagels with dried apricots and prunes.

    Cake  |  0 Commentbagels with dried apricots and prunes.

    You will need to bagels: 200 g cottage cheese 125 g margarine 1 / 4 cup sugar 1 egg 1.5 Art. flour 1.5 tbsp semolina, baking powder, vanilla, cinnamon. I put the stuffing prunes and apricots. Roll out the dough on the table, take the large-diameter dish, put on dough and cut formu.Poluchitsya large circle, divide it by 8 treugolnikov.V each triangle put prunes or dried apricots, wrapped tube. Bagel dip in sugar and spread on parchment. Bake 180 ° -20 min.  

  • Cookies

    Cake  |  0 Commentcookies

    200g dates (replaced by the prune) 2 apples 1 cup flour 1 cup oatmeal 100g butter 4 tbsp. l. brown sugar 4 tbsp. l. honey 1 packet of baking powder 2.1 tsp. lemon juice 15-20 halves shelled walnuts. Chopped pitted dates (not in a blender!). Apple peel and finely chop. Melt butter, add honey and sugar. When sugar is dissolved, add dates, boil 5 minutes. Pour the flour, oats, baking powder, apples and lemon juice. Remove from heat and stir well. Cover the pan with parchment. Put the mixture, smooth, giving a rectangular shape. Decorate with walnuts. Bake for

  • Recipe Of The Week with tomato

    Drinking  |  0 Commentrecipe of the week with tomato

    I thought it would be fun to share a recipe a week. This recipe is from Food Network Kitchens. I printed it off in 2003 and only recently tried making it. I am glad I kept the recipe because Mike couldn't get enough of it. We made it two nights in a row. Quick Marinara Sauce: 2 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil 1/2 medium onion, diced 3 cloves garlic, chopped 3 1/2 cups whole, peeled, canned tomatoes in puree (about 1 (28-ounce) can), chopped or crushed by hand Fresh thyme sprig Fresh basil sprig 3 plum tomatoes, chopped (optional) 2