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  • Kids Easter ideas: bunny basket tutorial

    Holiday & seasonal crafts, Needle crafts, Sewing  |  0 Commentkids easter ideas: bunny basket tutorial

    <a href="http://ad.doubleclick.net/adj/ttn.cs/sewstylish;topic=fashion;topic=sewing;topic=sewstylish_contest;topic=sewstylish_challenge;topic=prom;level=featured;pg=post;pos=right;tile=7;sz=160x58;ord=123456789?" target="_blank"></a> Easters next month, and i wanted to get a head start by doing some easter baskets^^ can be a nice project to do with your kids, set up the basket/bag and let them do the decorating part(: you need 5 basic parts: -sides, 2x (6.75inx5in) -bottom #2 ,1x (6inx5in) -bottom cardboard, 1x (6inx5in) -handle, 1x (2.5inx18in) -long backfront& bottom, 1x (18.5inx6 3/8in) *parenthesis -->the measurements i used but you can alter them if you wish to make your bag smaller or bigger(: *im making 3 baskets so theres 3x the materials needed in the picture:o in the center

  • kids easter ideas

    Needle crafts  |  0 Commentkids easter ideas

    soft bunny tutorial    

  • Patchwork toys – toys made of yo yo

    Needle crafts, Sewing, Soft toys  |  0 Commentpatchwork toys – toys made of yo yo

    1. Cut a circle of fabric. 2. Sew along the edge of the circle obmetochnym stitch.   3. Contractible should get pouch. 4. Fills our billet head, cotton, sentiponom, scraps of fabric (the same color). Make ears for a bunny. 1.Vyrezaem 2-wa circle of fabric (the same diameter). 2. Fold in Palam. 3. Then again, we add (to get the triangle). 4. Obmetochnym sew a seam edge. Do not confuse the edge! 5. When the whole party Shrinks stitched thread. 6.Prishivaem ears to the head. 7.Vyshivaem face. Making the body. On the same principle that we are doing and head piece for the torso. 1. Cut a circle of fabric. 2. Sew along the edge of the

  • Knitting bunny for Easter

    Amirugumi, Easter's day, Holiday & seasonal crafts, Knitting, Needle crafts  |  0 Commentknitting bunny for easter

    Brer Rabbit   This rabbit so easy to do that you'll never regret spent half an hour of his time.   In order to make such a lovely rabbit, you will need: Yarn sintepon Needle Spokes Scissors 1.For start you need to connect the spokes of the square. Size can be arbitrary. You can try provyazat 30 loops. 2. Using a very large running stitch, sew through the middle of the square (fold cloth in half for more accuracy), leaving an end without nodules (2-3 cm). 3. Sew the thread in one half of the square to make a triangle (as pictured) 4.

  • How to sew a garland of felt Peeps bunnies

    Easter's day, Felt, Parties, Sewing  |  0 Commenthow to sew a garland of felt peeps bunnies

    Fold your felt in half (because each bunny is a double-layer). You can make them single layered if you want the cheap/easy way. But it's less polished looking and a bit see-through. So I recommend double-layers. Then trace and cut out as many bunnies as you'd like. The pink bunting has 18 bunnies. The small yellow bunting has 9: Time to decorate their faces. You'll only be decorating the front bunnies (the back bunnies are left plain). You'll need a pencil eraser or something round. And brown fabric paint. I prefer Tulip

  • Bunny Finger Puppets tutorial

    Easter's day, Embroidery, Felt, Sewing  |  0 Commentbunny finger puppets tutorial

    Besides being adorable, these little puppets are a snap to make. You could make the whole set of five (or more) in one evening with time to spare.  I think little handmade touches like these really make something like an Easter basket all the more special. Materials To make a set of five (or more!) bunny finger puppets: Spring Felt Bundle Cream, Pink, and Brown Embroidery Thread One skein of Blue Sky Cotton in Driftwood A Bunny Finger Puppet Template (available for free download here) printed and cut out. A water soluble fabric marker Cutting Using the template cut two bunnies