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  • Queen of the fields – beading tulip :)

    Beading and knotting, Making flower  |  0 Commentqueen of the fields – beading tulip :)

    I present to you the MC for the tulips, won 1 st prize at the bulk bouquets to March 8, 2009 If anyone is in them is seen as a variant of corn, then below I'll show you how you can on the basis of this scheme make it. So, we need: 1. Beads: yellow (in the MC used № 11-12), green (wheelhouse) 2. Silver wire 0,3 mm 3. Paper tape 4. Green thread 5. 1,5-2 mm wire (Wire in the MC instead I took the rod from the handle) 6. One bead is 10 mm 7. Glue