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  • Curd pancake with apricot puree

    Cake, Recipes  |  0 Commentcurd pancake with apricot puree

    Dear hostess, put another one of my favorite desserts. This recipe, I looked in the magazine "Burda". True, I reworked it a bit. It's very simple to prepare, it can make even a child, and very tender. We will need: 250 grams shortcake (original crackers), 150 grams butter, 500 grams of canned apricots 500 grams syrkovoy mass (in the original cottage cheese and 75 grams of sugar), 500 ml cream and 30 grams of gelatin. Cookies potoloch. Crumbs mixed with warm butter. Detachable form to lay a paper for baking or food wrap. Put