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  • Mini pot plant for your home

    Garden, Green crafts, Home and garden, Recycle  |  0 Commentmini pot plant for your home

    creative  ideas Too bad you can not send by Fedex. Otherwise, it will arrive at their destination, only the crumbs. I once saw on a website, and not get so faded, an interesting idea. The website showed pictures of several mini-gardens, but in fact were offered kits for the buyer to put together the garden at home. For each photo, with a kit: toilet; prepared bags with soil, sand and gravel; thumbnails and X amount of seedlings. These customers could choose. The kit also contained a photo of the garden ready, covering the

  • beading bonsai tutorial

    Beading and knotting, Making flower, Other  |  0 Commentbeading bonsai tutorial

    From the old receiver, has long been demolished and have broken one of the links telescopic antenki. The length of the tubes was 22 cm, diameter 5 mm. Incidentally length was very comfortable, convenient measure such as length of wire left by the tip.  At one end of the tube made drunk, ie propylaeum one of the walls of the tube to a length of about 5cm. Turned out that's such a magical duct.   If you do not have a hollow steel tube that you can use a wooden tube (eg ice-cream-popsicle) with nadpilom at one