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  • How to sew a pillow with pompoms

    Needle crafts, Pillows, Sewing  |  0 Commenthow to sew a pillow with pompoms

    To create such colorful pillows, we need: tape with pompons (3,5 m each color at the rate of pillow 50 * 50 cm), satin fabric for pillow covers three cutting: 55 * 55 cm, 25 * 55 cm, 45 * 55 cm Cut the satin fabric in size. Braid with tassels on the segment is cut from 50 cm to 7 pieces of each color. Now crimson ribbons ORDER tailor's pins to the front side (stand back 3-4 cm from the edge), cutting 55 * 55 cm Sew on the sewing machine. Next row

  • Pupa of pompons tutorial

    Needle crafts, Sewing, Soft toys  |  0 Commentpupa of pompons tutorial

    hat is so cute kuklyashka of pompons. Do not even know why she needed me. But she's so cute.Maybe someone else useful. And do it easily. As usual, everything is made of pompons.