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  • Heart Shaped Pom Pom tutorial

    Flower arrangement, Holiday & seasonal crafts, Making toys, Other crafts, Valentine's day  |  0 Commentheart shaped pom pom tutorial

    Embellish gifts, hats, scarves, or whatever else you can think of with these adorable heart shaped pom poms. Simple directions below. Supplies Scissors Yarn Wrap yarn around fingers (at least 50 times). The more yarn the better. Slip the yarn off your fingers. Tie a separate strand of yarn around the center of the ball of yarn (refer to dotted yellow lines). Make sure to tie the knot as tight as you can, cinching the yarn. Cut all the loops of yarn with a pair of scissors. Trim the yarn down to a regular shaped pom pom.

  • Pom Pom Pumpkins tutorial

    Hallooween's day, Making toys  |  0 Commentpom pom pumpkins tutorial

    I've had this tutorial saved to feature for quite a while.  Since I didn't get it posted before Halloween, I've debated about still sharing it, and I finally concluded that pumpkins are a general fall craft and would look so cute with my Thanksgiving decor. So here are the adorable pom pom pumpkins made by Domestifluff: I first made these pom pom pumpkins last year when I did the flowers, but by the time I posted the pom pom flower tutorial I felt that it was probably too late in the season for the

  • Pom Pom Garland tutorial

    Holiday & seasonal crafts, Making flower  |  0 Commentpom pom garland tutorial

    Pom Pom Garland tutorial Start wrapping yarn around the fork in your first color When you've wrapped it around about 50 times or so, cut a small piece of yarn, string it through the fork and tie it once at the top Pull the yarn off the fork and tighten the knot at tight as you can, making a second knot to reinforce With your scissors, cut through all the loops on both sides Fluff the yarn around the sides and trim if needed. Make several more; I made 5 in each color for my