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  • Crafty jewelry: polimeclay

    Beading and knotting, Clay, Jewelry making  |  0 Commentcrafty jewelry: polimeclay

    Imitation coral Unfortunately without proper translation, though a picture, then why ... And if anyone knows French, is likely to translate into public good Here is the recipe for this kind of fake coral Ingredients: reddish-orange pulp significantly (Indian Red Fimo): 3 doses yellow paste pulling a bit to orange (here fimo golden yellow): 1 dose translucent dough (here fimo classic translucent): 1 / 4 dose coarse salt talcum powder or flour or cornstarch white acrylic paint and floor tiles (or something to get off-white) For the value of the dose, YMMV depending on the desired amount on arrival .... We begin

  • Craft lessons: clay jewelry

    Clay, Jewelry making  |  0 Commentcraft lessons: clay jewelry

    We will need (Fimo Yellow PP) Divide the right amount of plastic in two equal parts. In one to add a little oil paint color burnt sienna, and stirred until smooth. Then both of us add the same colors and will no longer stir carefully so Narva on both sides of arbitrary slices and divide the beads. Applied on each bit of paint color burnt umber / Form the beads to "stitches" were little, put some texture with a toothpick. Bake, add the black tinted acrylic otshlifuem, polish. Now coral. Need (Fimo PP orange and carmine) We