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  • Home-made plastic-porcelain tutorial

    Recipes  |  0 Commenthome-made plastic-porcelain tutorial

      Manufacturing mass Cold Porcelain We need: 1.Krahmal corn --- 1, Part 5 (He has more white than potato) 2.Kley PVA ---- Part 1 3.Glitserin (available in pharmacies) --- 1 tbsp. spoon 4.Krem type Nivea ---- 1 tbsp. spoon 5.Voda---- 1 / 3 of         All good mix and put on a plate   Stirring constantly and otskrebaya wait until the bottom of the education world We spread a lot on the table, sprinkle starch begin vymeshivat, like dough. (Caution: Hot!)   We get here is testo.Ono should not strongly