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  • Pencil Eraser Stamp Tutorial.

    Holiday & seasonal crafts, Making cards, Painting  |  0 Commentpencil eraser stamp tutorial.

    Supplies Needed: Printable Manila Tag Download Standard pencils with unused erasers Craft knife Stamp ink or acrylic paint (for this tutorial I use stamp ink) Fine-tip permanent pen (optional) Other paper goods such as gift wrap, paper bags, note card, envelopes, etc. (optional) Step 1: (optional) Using a fine-tip permanent pen (I didn't at first and had to start over) create a triangle on the eraser tip.  Try to use as much of the space as possible. Step 2: Using your craft knife cut straight down along each side of your triangle outline until your blade meets the

  • Easter Pencil Topper

    Easter's day  |  0 Commenteaster pencil topper

    idea of creating little Easter friends as pencil toppers. You can check it out atHomespun with Love. Easter Pencil Topper Homespun With LoveHere is Mr.Worm looking at you! Photo:Homespun With LoveAnd our carrot taking a little nap! think they turned out pretty cute for our first time! If you need some Easter basket stuffer ideas that are not full of sugar, but are sweet at the same time, try your crafty hand at these pencil toppers and see what little sweeties you can whip up! Source: http://homespunwithlove.blogspot.com/2011/04/craft-easter-pencil-toppers.html#more