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  • Lacy vases from the former collection.

    Cutting paper, Kirigami, Origami, Paper crafts  |  0 Commentlacy vases from the former collection.

    Creative by Caroline Saul (Caroline Saul) Vases and lampshades made of plastic milk bags At that time, as the majority of people seeking to get rid of debris and unnecessary things, like plastic bottles and bags from under the milk, a graduate of the University of Brighton, designer Saul Carolina (Caroline Saul) from Great Britain, by contrast, this same garbage is trying to stock up for future use. Plastic bags only for someone to trash - just not for her, because their products Carolina carpentry is made of this material. Carolina Creations - a "lacy"

  • Paper Sculpture Hwang Jeong-ah (Cheong-ah Hwang)

    Cutting paper, Paper crafts  |  0 Commentpaper sculpture hwang jeong-ah (cheong-ah hwang)

    Paper hummingbirds from Hwang Jeong-ah (Cheong-ah Hwang) Flocks of tiny birds hummingbird, which creates a paper Korean writer Hwang Jeong-ah (Cheong-ah Hwang), probably dreamed of flying and a clean, free sky, but ... But they were not destined to see the clouds, - who in their right mind let go of these amazing paper sculptures of the finest work? It is hard to imagine that the sculptor Hwang Jeong-ah never learned the skill. He - a nugget, a self-taught, endowed with a talent from God. Apparently, so do the other work he had obtained was a