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  • 3D paper frame

    Origami, Paper crafts, Wrapping and Packaging  |  0 Comment3d paper frame

    2. Take the construction paper (you can Whatman paper) I have for drawing, in any format. On each side of the note 4 points to 1,5 cm and hold the line. Should get here this grid 3. So clear. 4. Cut off the corners. 5. On 2 lines mark 1,5 cm 6. And draw a trapezoid, that's right. 7. Cut the trapezoid 8. You should get like that. Trapezoid can be drawn as to the long and the short side. 9. Pushes the line than you are more comfortable and bend. 10. Insert one corner to another 11. Obtained by frame. If the back side of paper to glue