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  • anniversary paper: easy flowers to make

    Cards, Holiday & seasonal crafts, Kirigami, Making flower, Paper crafts  |  0 Commentanniversary paper: easy flowers to make

    2. The flower is composed of any number of modules. The size of the square for this module 10h10sm The basic form of "double square" 3. The free ends of the top. A stencil cut out petals. 4. 5. In the expanded form. I showed this to be compared. But then close the module. 6. Glue any number of modules. I glued 8. You can leave that way. 7. But for the flower and glue the ends too. 8. Gosh helps. 9. Tired! 10. These modules are made of a square 15x15 cm You can insert one flower to another, etc. 11. Chamomile. 12. You can add a garland. 13. Apple 14. 15. These flowers of 4

  • Paper flowers for banquet

    Cards, Cutting paper, Holiday & seasonal crafts, Making flower, Paper crafts, Parties  |  0 Commentpaper flowers for banquet

    These colors can make yourself and it does not require any financial costs.       Source   Offer a small master class on making a flower out of paper. We will need colored paper, scissors, pencil, ruler, compass or a round object (plate) for stroke. Draw a circle with a diameter of 135 mm. Draw and cut another 6.8 laps to flower was lush. Each following circle must be less than the previous one by 5-10 mm. If not draw a compass, you need to determine the center of the circle. To do this we add a circle in half twice. The

  • Recycling paper: Butterflies made ​​of paper and wire

    Cards, Cutting paper, Green crafts, Paper crafts, Recycle  |  0 Commentrecycling paper: butterflies made ​​of paper and wire

      . Propose a master-class on making butterflies that can be used not only for decorating the walls, as well as for festive table decoration, gifts and parties ( 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 ). Cooking a nice paper, glue, wire, wire cutters, scissors, pencil. On paper, draw sketches of the wings of butterflies. Size choose at will. Pattern butterfly wings. Copy the sketch on a beautiful paper that will be combined with the surface on which these butterflies will be "live". Makes a loop of wire, which is slightly less than the upper portion of the wing. Just make the

  • How to decorate the interior of butterflies

    Cards, Cutting paper, Home and garden, Home decor, Paper crafts  |  0 Commenthow to decorate the interior of butterflies

    Recycling and your home We need: Bright glossy paper. Scissors. Double-sided tape. Photo Frame. Or a pattern printed butterfly or a butterfly pattern. All ingenious is simple. Take the bright pages of the glossy magazine. Cut into strips with a width of your tie. Try to cut various widths of butterflies, it's much variety to the track. Lay out a rough track, yet without the tape. When it is determined with the final version, to reap double-sided tape. Tip: To make the track more alive, do how would tiers - between the paper and insert a little butterfly foam, and again