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  • Cami and panties crochet pattern

    Baby, Crochet, Dress, Needle crafts  |  0 Commentcami and panties crochet pattern

    Cami and panties Age 3-6 months MATERIALS 200 g of fine acrylic yarn melange white-turquoise color, 4 white buttons, 2 m nylon tape 1 cm turquoise and elastic band. HOOK № 2. TYPES OF LOOPS Aerial loop (VP): § introduce a hook, throw it and stretch out the thread by n. Column without nakida (article w / o): hook type in the lower section of the chain, or p.and draw a new item, grab the thread and provyazat 2 sts on the hook in a reception. Column with trebles (v. s / n): to make the hook yo,

  • Panties crochet patterns

    Crochet  |  0 Commentpanties crochet patterns

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