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  • Painted bottles tutorial

    Holiday & seasonal crafts, Other crafts, Painting  |  0 Commentpainted bottles tutorial

    2. I had a bottle. I primed it, and then three layers of dyed black. And then wondered how to transfer picture? 3. Found on the Internet drawing, sketched it straight from the monitor. (I'm so all make rubbings - a leaf is applied to the screen and leads) 4. I do not have carbon paper, so pencil plump back side of the picture painted .... 5. Then he turned and looked at them a bottle. The result is visible in the photo number 2. Weak, but the pattern is visible. 6. For greater visibility again obvozhu his pencil 7. Now, take the paint. I tairovskie, acrylic-hobby 8. Mix

  • Due to numerous requests of workers))

    Holiday & seasonal crafts, Other crafts, Painting  |  0 Commentdue to numerous requests of workers))

    after this post , I received numerous requests to make a master class on creating just such wedding stemware. I confess honestly, if it were not for a young lady who ordered a similar gift, do not know when I would come down to their hands. And take this opportunity to apologize to everyone for what I read frend feed anyhow. I promise to catch up as soon as the mode of life back on track:) There is still the same promise to show another MC for wedding glasses, which I did specifically for TsTshnogo

  • Decorate the glasses. wedding glasses

    Holiday & seasonal crafts, Other crafts, Painting, Wedding day  |  0 Commentdecorate the glasses. wedding glasses

    2. We will need: white paint in the container (if there is a special glass, "frost", "frosty glass, etc., then surely better to take it), the pearl of two or more sizes, beads, glue for nail service, duct tape , various tape 3. And the glasses themselves 4. Defines the appearance of glass. I want to leave clear hearts, for this stick with this place with adhesive tape 5. Apply the paint from the container. After drying, remove the tape 6. Circuit (I used Decola pearl white) attach a drawing expressiveness 7. Likewise supplement glass pattern 8. While circuit dries, do the following - leveling

  • Decorate glasses

    Holiday & seasonal crafts, Other crafts, Painting  |  0 Commentdecorate glasses

    2. Little goblets were labeled. I wanted to get rid of it - did not happen. I had to leave it. 3. Initially, degreasing glasses for better bonding of paint with glass. Can be solvent, and can be an aqueous solution of dry mustard (a very good result is obtained). Then cut out a self-adhesive paper "seaweed" and paste in such a way around the circumference of the glass. 4. Acrylic paint is used - Metallic. 5. Take the sponge and cover the glass of stamped copper. 6. Then apply the bronze, leaving the copper sites. 7. Likewise sediment and gold. Then neatly remove the pressure