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  • Painted bottles tutorial

    Drawing, Green crafts, Other crafts, Painting, Recycle  |  0 Commentpainted bottles tutorial

      You will need: 1.Butylka, preferably in color 2.Vitrazhnye colors: white, purple, yellow, red, green 3.Kontur glass: gold or bronze 4.Plastikovaya dish (disposable) 5.Folga 6.Atseton 7.Spichki, wire, brush, cotton swabs, needles, cotton pads (some stuff), paper towels, gel pen.   DO NOT NEED: 1.Gubka 2.Zolotaya structural paste Getting Started ....   1.Nanesenie figure. Who is the least familiar with the technique of painting on glass, he knows the basic principle: the glass on the picture-loop circle-pour paint-wait until dry up - fix (or conscience will allow). And if with a vase or a lamp, this option is the easiest, then with a bottle of this trick

  • Painted bottles tutorial

    Holiday & seasonal crafts, Other crafts, Painting  |  0 Commentpainted bottles tutorial

    2. I had a bottle. I primed it, and then three layers of dyed black. And then wondered how to transfer picture? 3. Found on the Internet drawing, sketched it straight from the monitor. (I'm so all make rubbings - a leaf is applied to the screen and leads) 4. I do not have carbon paper, so pencil plump back side of the picture painted .... 5. Then he turned and looked at them a bottle. The result is visible in the photo number 2. Weak, but the pattern is visible. 6. For greater visibility again obvozhu his pencil 7. Now, take the paint. I tairovskie, acrylic-hobby 8. Mix