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  • Fricassee of chicken with onions and mushrooms

    Cake, Cooking, Recipes  |  0 Commentfricassee of chicken with onions and mushrooms

    Fricassee (Fr. fricassée - «sundries, from the verb fr. Fricasser,« fry, stew) - stew of white meat in white sauce.Will be usually from veal, chicken or rabbit. It also occurs fricassee of pigeon meat, lamb and pork. As a garnish to fricassee is often served boiled rice. That's all determination. Just all sorts of things. For us today, as all sorts of things are the 8 chicken drumsticks, Yefim small Kripen'ka mushrooms and the same number of small bulblets (ideally, shallots). So try out this stuff to prepare what is called the beautiful word "fricassee." In two tablespoons of