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  • Gift presents: “store” for needles and hooks …..

    Crochet, Embroidery, Needle crafts  |  0 Commentgift presents: “store” for needles and hooks …..

    Materials: yarn remnants of any quality, hook, needle, satin ribbon (in my case) used by the Bank of coffee or other products .. and fantasy Opening hours: depending on free time and the size of home-made, approximately 3 hours. Complexity: 1 Picking the right materials to begin work. start work from the bottom: typing 5. n. knit circle the size of a jar, then provyazyvaem 1 row on the wrong side "rachim step." then turn to knitting, typing a loop out of the loop series "rachego pitch, sending it up flat leaf balusters with trebles. when connected enough

  • knitting needles baktusa

    Knitting, Needle crafts, Scarves  |  0 Commentknitting needles baktusa

    Baktus spokes Baktus ... What is baktus? To date, almost all needlewomen know what baktus and certainly tied yourself at least one instance. Baktus - a triangular scarf, scarf, knitted in garter st. Baktus quite functional in its use, because it can be used as a scarf, and as a shawl, and a shawl. Crochet baktus suitable for any weather and season. Its universality is that baktus are both women and men. And if you choose an appropriate coloring of the yarn, then baktus become one of the favorite article of clothing a son or daughter. How did tally baktus? Pretty simple! Be

  • Spring and summer scarf, knitted into linear

    Crochet, Knitting, Needle crafts, Scarves, Scarves  |  0 Commentspring and summer scarf, knitted into linear

    This cheerful scarf does not even fit in as much as intertwined. First, tally strip method "Knitting on the line." Line - this is conditional, it can be used kartonovuyu strip the desired width.   So they tied a strip to length, drill down and knit in the opposite direction. In this example, used three fringes of equal length. Then weave them together, as in the photo.