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Keywords: Necklace of beads

  • Beaded necklace bundle, Necklace of beads, beads and leather

    Beading and knotting, Jewelry making  |  0 Commentbeaded necklace bundle, necklace of beads, beads and leather

    Beauty-ah! " from the category: "One-two and gotvo. Just when you showed her finger and all painted. Masterclass by Anne Ryabchuk "Pearl Falls".         What is needed: Seven of polyester filaments, length of 35 cm each wire two clamps to the edges of the design Pliers cutter clasp for necklace Beads and seed beads to taste       Procedure: Fold prepared cords together (do not forget them priplavit ends to non-laddering), and wind at the end of a wire, making 2.5 turns.  Pass on the cords and the tip of the wire clip of polyester filaments.  Retreated about 8 millimeters from the clamp, cut