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  • Cakes in the microwave

    Cake, Recipes  |  0 Commentcakes in the microwave

    Subject baking cakes in microwave attractive and truly endless - so many things napridumano to please sweet tooth! A sweet tooth, you know these things - who?Yes we are! And there is nothing to be ashamed of there, on the contrary, a pure pleasure! First, make nice, and secondly - there is a very nice, and thirdly - to entertain, especially those roads you - that's such a joy, such happiness ... Here let us create ourselves this joy. Create a will, of course, in the microwave. Today's joy can tell, solemn holiday: Cakes! I

  • MARMALADE in the microwave

    Cake, Recipes  |  0 Commentmarmalade in the microwave

    Plum blue 300 g Apples 3 pc. Granulated sugar 270 g Butter 2 g Marmalade of thorns is very simple. We can say that is itself, and you only perform ancillary technical work: wash, cut, turn on or off, stir, pour, sprinkles and lay. Ingredients 1-th stage: Plum blue 300 g Apples 3 pc. Marmalade plum-type turn in conjunction with apples Antonovka type (although there has wormed one little shabby apple of unknown origin, but the purity of the breed of marmalade is not affected). Both took the eye in a volume ratio of about 1:1. Plum cut in half and wormy threw without remorse. Apples are peeled from the skin (sorry,