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  • Rugs Kit (scheme)

    Baby, Crochet, Needle crafts  |  0 Commentrugs kit (scheme)

    1. Plaid with birds. Size 90x90 cm Threads white Kartopu Bebe 200 - gone 350 g beige and blue - Orlis Linda approx 100 grams each color, the rest - the remnants of acrylic Hook № 4 Description 2. Flower fields 3. Snowflakes 4. Bundles on a blue and white 5. Contrasting zig-zags 6. Triumph of the white 7. Summer Garden 8. Elegant stripes 9. Delicate violet 10. Daisies 11. Roses in the Snow 12. Embossed seashells 13. Plaid from Kruglikov Here, designer Wendy Harbaugh has posted step description. 14. Plaid 15.Pokryvalo 16. Bedspreads       Hosted by using H - Photographer 17. Plaid Thanks for the translation of Berry-Malinka  

  • Recycling work – Making Mat handmade: video tutorial

    Green crafts, Other crafts, Recycle, Video  |  0 Commentrecycling work – making mat handmade: video tutorial

    Here is a rug I made from scraps of fabric and wire, which got me through inheritance from repair) I love Pts sew and I have many pieces of fabric) They are beautiful, kick their sorry and they should be useful to me))) In place of the wire can be use a rope))) to do everything quickly and easily

  • Mat on the floor of the jersey with his own hands microns

    Green crafts, Other crafts, Recycle  |  0 Commentmat on the floor of the jersey with his own hands microns

    Recycling old clothing: I love the soft carpets - so that the stem is buried and his face smiled with pleasure =) how to walk on the grass all year. And it's nice when a mat doing with his hands in his beloved home! And it is actually very simple - only time can take a lot - but if you adapt himself, we can and are rapidly make such beauty from jersey - for example, old shirts, but you can buy a new in-store fabrics, colorful and make a drawing. how to