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  • Waste recycling services: Crafts of the sticks for ice cream

    Green crafts, Making toys, Recycle  |  0 Commentwaste recycling services: crafts of the sticks for ice cream


  • Ball on the Christmas tree of paper flowers

    Holiday & seasonal crafts, Making flower, Origami, Paper crafts, Wrapping and Packaging  |  0 Commentball on the christmas tree of paper flowers

    Original decoration of paper flowers. At first glance it seems that the hack is complicated. However, to make it very simple. To work will need: construction paper, glue, pencil, scissors. Better to take a glue pen, he glues faster and stronger. Shall cut paper squares with a side of 7, see our ball will consist of 12 flowers, each flower out of 5 petals. Total need 60 squares. We have 2 types of flowers. Color combinations you can pick up different, but you can make solid colors. We add the square on

  • Paintings on the rocks

    Drawing, Other crafts, Painting  |  0 Commentpaintings on the rocks

  • Cute felt and fabric toy

    Needle crafts, Sewing, Soft toys  |  0 Commentcute felt and fabric toy

  • Egg Bumble Bees tutorial

    Easter's day, Making toys  |  0 Commentegg bumble bees tutorial

    You'll need: eggs egg dye black and red permanent markers white coffee filters glue Scotch tape fishing line black chenille pipe cleaner Begin by carefully dyeing your raw eggs in yellow egg dye. The longer you leave your eggs in the dye, the more vibrant the color will be. After your eggs are the right shade of yellow, remove them from the dye pot and allow them to dry. Using a bead reamer, needle, awl, etc., carefully poke a hole in each end of the egg, so that you can blow the contents out over a bowl or the

  • Recycling of PET bottles

    Recycle  |  0 Commentrecycling of pet bottles

    From the bottoms of bottles.   For storage of dry food. For storing small things. Curls (broom, broom). Paper towel holder.  

  • Recycling plastic bottles: Tree from a plastic bottle

    Recycle  |  0 Commentrecycling plastic bottles: tree from a plastic bottle

    To begin cut into strips for the trunk, dlmnoy 8-9cm. To begin cut into strips for the trunk, dlmnoy 8-9cm. Wanted to make the whole barrel, but for some reason I have not turned out, had three parts, but it's not terrible, under the foliage is not visible. And so we light a candle, take the tweezers over the edge of our bars and vertically to offer a candle, vertically. Above the candles, somewhere around 1,5 cm plastic begins to shrink, curl, general I form. Do not know how to call it.

  • Rrecycling plastic: Slippers-needle tutorial

    Crochet, Recycle  |  0 Commentrrecycling plastic: slippers-needle tutorial

    Hello! Here are my recent articles from pl. bottles of "Slippers-needle bed." It's very simple: take a little foot in my case, younger daughter helped, running his leg on a newspaper, make a sketch of future needle bed. Cut from a plate blank, punch make holes Tying a piece, Sew billet Pad or foam, hang on the wall. Good luck!

  • How to collect krivulku-needle bed PENDIBUL.

    Embroidery, Soft toys  |  0 Commenthow to collect krivulku-needle bed pendibul.

    For manufacturing krivulki pendibul, we will need: -Embroidery, which fits into a square; -Needle; -Thread; -Beads; Feeds. Hours 20 minutes. 1.Itak, prepare the very embroidery. Any picture or pattern that fits into a square. Boundary of the square mark seam "back needle" 2.Vyshivku folded in half, by the "headscarf" and check the evenness of the match all the angles and sides 3. Begin to sew from the corner, catching the seam "back needle (suture in biskornyu) ssrazu as stringing beads. 4.Gotovim brush to the central angle. it can be from any thread. I dissolved the satin ribbon. 5.Vshivaem brush and continue

  • Baby made: handprint flamingos & ostriches

    Cards, Painting, Paper crafts  |  0 Commentbaby made: handprint flamingos & ostriches

    Carrying on with our bird themed crafts this week, we made some handprint flamingos and ostriches. Unlike the peacock, these ones were very easy to do. And really the only difference between the two birds are the colours of the handprints. Just have your child stamp their hand on the paper, and then depending on the child's age, they may be able to help put the finishing touches on the birds. Now, I cut the legs out of paper, but you could just as easily draw some legs on the bird. Then just

  • Arrow bracelet – no 2 Friendship Bracelet Tutorial

    Jewelry making, Knotting  |  0 Commentarrow bracelet – no 2 friendship bracelet tutorial

    When you're doing the arrow bracelet, you need two strings of each colour. That means that when you're doing a bracelet from eight strings, you need four colours. You are working from both sides with two string of the same colour, which are then tied together in the middle to create a 'V' or an arrow. The strings should be the same length as while doing the striped bracelet (1 metre). Tie your strings in one knot on the top and fasten it on your safety pin. Leave a few centimetres

  • Easy to makeStraw flower bracelet or necklace tutorial for kids

    Other crafts  |  0 Commenteasy to makestraw flower bracelet or necklace tutorial for kids

    Straw Flower Sticks Here's another great weekend project. We have made so many of the straw flower sticks the house looks like a meadow. For this project you need: bamboo sticks and straws. Flatten the straw using a letter opener, scissors or a knife. Then twist it in half with the lead end on the right. Take the second end and lift it up counterclockwise over the lead end. Hold the upper part firmly with your thumb and forefinger.Then take the lead and do the same, putting it over the second end (counterclockwise). Work like this