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  • Ornament craft: Easy Paper Punch Snowflakes

    Christmas's day, Cutting paper, Holiday & seasonal crafts, Kirigami, Making flower, Paper crafts  |  0 Commentornament craft: easy paper punch snowflakes

    My kids watched a cartoon in which the characters made paper snowflakes, and they immediately wanted to make their own. (I think we got started on paper airplanes this same way). At two and four, they aren’t the most skilled at scissor cutting, so I put together this very simple craft as an alternative. What You’ll Need for Easy Paper Punch Snowflakes Round Coffee Filters, Cupcake Liners or Plain Paper (I like coffee filters because they are thin but very strong) An assortment of paper punches in simple shapes Instructions for Easy Paper

  • Recipe for soap “Winter Rose”

    Soap, Video  |  0 Commentrecipe for soap “winter rose”

      See also our video - Lessons for mylovaniyu , they will help you to create a soap-style shapes, textures and colors. Ingredients: 150 g of caustic soda 375 ml of distilled water 350 ml olive oil 400 ml coconut oil 50 ml oil rosehip 200 ml sweet almond oil 5 ml of oil rose Kazanluk 15 ml of geranium oil 10 drops of oil of black pepper 10 drops of oil of nutmeg 30 g red pepper 15 grams of cayenne pepper 5 g grated walnut leaves. 1. Follow the detailed step by step instructions on the article " Cook soap cool way . "

  • Recipe home soap with mint

    Soap  |  0 Commentrecipe home soap with mint

    you will need: white base for soap; green dye for Soap; peppermint flavor or essential oil; grater or grater, mandolin; molds for soaps (each approximately 100 g). Following the instructions, melt about 100 g of white soap bases. Add the green dye in the ground.You should get a lot of bright mint-green color. Pour the mixture into a colored mold and put cool.In principle, the size and shape of the molds do not matter much, because of various forms of soap get a different form curls. Try and experiment! After all, soap-making - is an

  • Honey soap tutorial

    Soap  |  0 Commenthoney soap tutorial

      We put our base in a water bath and pour oil 2 tsp sea buckthorn and 3 tsp of calendula When the base is smooth, pour in about 50-60 ml of milk. Put a spoonful of honey soap (I have herbs) Add the dried flowers kolenduly All soap poured into a container, add the flavoring honey and stir Carefully put a honeycomb on top and slightly drown in a soap. Pulls out a container with a frozen soap after 3 hours. And cut into slices. Here is a useful honey soap turned out. Come taste. Thanks for