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  • Sympathy baskets: Basket of soaps tutorial

    Other crafts, Soap  |  0 Commentsympathy baskets: basket of soaps tutorial

    2. Required us to do stuff with soap baskets: soaps regular shape, needles, various ribbons, beads and dekomaterial. 3. Draw a pencil or a needle on the soap lines and ovals, where there should be a brand if the brand without a bead on the end, it is possible for such brand-strung beads, as is done in my 4. Fasten the ribbon for the needle and begin to criss-cross upper part 5. So here is a bundle can be attached ribbon for a needle 6. This is how braided top soap 7. Then begin to criss-cross the bottom of the soap 8. Once

  • Celery Stamped Valentine’s Day Cards

    Painting, Valentine's day, Wrapping and Packaging  |  0 Commentcelery stamped valentine’s day cards

    Don't you just LOVE the way the base of the celery stalk makes a beautiful rose print? We used red tempera paint. I watered it down just a bit because we found that straight out of the bottle it was too thick and didn't leave that gorgeous flower print image, just a glob of paint. Make sure you apply even pressure when you press down. Don't rock back and forth too much. Make sure to smile and look cute while you're doing it in case someone takes a picture. We added