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  • Making a box tutorial

    Cutting paper, Origami, Paper crafts, Wrapping and Packaging  |  0 Commentmaking a box tutorial

    Make a quick and easy box for small things, gifts 1. You want us to take the paper from which you want to make a box, paper can be anything that bends, sginaetsya and keeps the shape of a very thick, like cardboard, it will not work. In my example, used the remnants of wallpaper. 2. Make a lid for the box. Cut the piece of paper. I did the example of 20x20 cm 3. Cut square 4. Rascherchivaem on wrong side of the paper diagonally from corner to corner 5. Sginaem corner like

  • Making a box for gift tutorial

    Wrapping and Packaging  |  0 Commentmaking a box for gift tutorial

    The idea of ​​such boxes is not new and I do not claim copyrights. Such boxes for gifts, I saw many foreign masters and decided to try to do too similar. For the manufacture of such boxes we potrebuyutya following materials and tools: paper - it can be paper, watercolors, pastels, dense skrapbumaga - one condition she must not be too hard or too thin, in my example, I use a sheet of A4 paper if you use scrap paper size 30 * 30, then the top and bottom need to make indents