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  • Spring flower made of paper: tutorial

    Making flower, Paper crafts  |  0 Commentspring flower made of paper: tutorial

    Sprig of lily MK do a sprig of lilies. For manufacturing, we need: Watercolor paper Watercolor pencils Acrylic paint green and yellow Wire PVA glue White crepe paper Water Flour Tools and Accessories: Scissors Foam pad or soft pad Stick for scoring, or wand for stamping Brush glue and paint 1. To begin with, that of the watercolor paper cut out a piece of petals-trehlistnikov one sprig of 15-20 pc, in the heart do not forget to make a hole with an awl. 2. Coloring blanks in the heart of a green watercolor pencil on the petals of crimson. Feather a wet brush and leave to dry. 3. After drying on every